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Saturday, 29-Apr-2006 12:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
May 2006 - Mum's trip to Japan

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Saturday, 29-Apr-2006 12:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
May 2006 - Mum's trip to Japan

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Sunday, 26-Mar-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sorry...here we go.

Dear All

It has been almost a month since my last entry, no excuse, I am in love therefore explaining my lack of time to fill you in.

Let's start with my trip to Shanghai with AK. It wasnt till the second last day before flying off that she agreed to come with me.

We were at French Kitchen for lunch whilst talking about work and Shanghai, she told that she would like to come. I remember at that very moment, i was chewing on a piece of bread and almost choke when I heard the news. (funny how Jessie - CEO of LB and his friend was sitting next to us)

It was a rush to get her a ticket and thank God to Suzuki san of No 1 Travel who got her a ticket, flying off at 9PM on Friday night.

Since I flew off first in the afternoon, I had to make the second trip to pick her up. As she gracefully escape the madness of PuDong airport, her cheerful face caught my attention.

On the way to the airport, I thought she might have changed her mind about joining me.....but NO.

It was a good break, to top it all, we almost hit off immediately. We have so much in common, so much to talk about.

AK is a dream come true, she has a heart of gold. No question about her kindness, maturity and attitude towards life. I feel I have so much to learn from her.

She has so much to offer and me, probably very little to give...

We went to many places, the Bund, Grand Hyatt, NanJing Road, Yu Yuan etc...

I will not forget this trip as we had the most delicious Xiao Long Pao - we couldnt stop eating. AK fell in love with brid nest which she had on the 86th floor of Grand Hyatt, breath taking night view of Shanghai. I accidentally touched upon a sensitive topic where she broke into tears, the second time so far this trip.

Days went by with us lusting for Xiao Long Pao...

Overall, it was a great trip. I got to know her alot better, her attitude and personality...I am very happy with and I can imagine myself being with her for a long time.

Two nights ago, she mentioned something that got me thinking - why dont you move in? I dont mind moving in with you AK. But I think you want some form of collateral - a long term commitment.

Her bithday is coming up, i am planning on something for her. A ring for her birthday. On the 27th April, maybe a nice dinner somewhere?

Quite funny, we are off to Park Hyatt next Thursday for a nice dinner....New York dinner.

Will see you soon AK...I love you.

Sunday, 5-Mar-2006 11:19 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Beautiful day indeed

Omiyage from Ayu
very nice, thanks
I was out with Clive, Maiko, Sharky, Junko, Neil, Flor and Carolina (from Holland). I joined them at 10PM at a karaoke in SHibuya and it was great fun. I witness the 'rock' side of Clive, he can sing alright. We all belted out some old tunes from The Beatles, Wet Wet Wet, Rolling Stones, Madonna (no, it wasnt Like A Virgin), Blink 182, Foo Fighters and Oasis.

The alcohol kept coming and I dont know how much we all had, as we were all dancing on the sofa.

The night went on and we proceed to Womb (www.womb.co.jp) The party didnt start till midnight, i witnessed the best Drum n Bass J in play - DJ Aki. The crowd was good and well behave. Dont remember whom i danced with but i do recall getting smack on the face by Yuko (green tank top with full asset)

It was probably one of the best club I have been to, highly recommended. I staggered home at around 4.30 in the morning, stopped at Yoshinoya for breakfast.

Ayu and I had lunch at 2PM Nakameguro. We chatted for few hours. I am glad that we met and she took out to see me. Love those boots and the short denim skirt (u have my vote girl)

We talked about life, work and relationships. I reaslise how mature she is and I my fear of not matching what she has to offer. I think we are moving towards the right direction as she wants to come over for dinner and she is thinking of joining me in Shanghai.

She brought along an omiyage from London - Burberry cuff links.

Only 2 weeks to my holiday in Shanghai and I wish you can join me.

Sunday, 26-Feb-2006 13:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Highlight of the day was Owada san's wedding and chat with teddy

Went to owada san's wedding with a bunch of Db people, met a lot of them - cant really remember their names as I was busy munching away and chatting with Adachi san. What a small wordl! Adachi san and Owada san are best friends, same birthday, same uni...same blood type. We chatted into the night about her career.

Had to pay Y8000 for few hours of food and minimal drinks (what a rip off, an alcoholic speaking of course). Teddy and I decided to walk back to Shibuya from Africa Daikanyama. Along the way he gave me few words of wisdom on career and relationship. I told him about TY and AY. He told me Ty was just toying around and should be seen as something else. Where as AK should be taken into serious consideration considering age, career and culture difference.

I totally agree with him, we both agreed to meet again later this week. Also, I got invited to a 'gokon' on 17th March...along with other guys from DB, will see how it goes...

If I am on your mind, little reason why you wont call me - I suppose you are on holiday - will leave you alone.

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